Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers adopts his own transfer strategy rather than follows Tottenham's example. Tottenham signed a number of players to compensate for the loss of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for a world-record fee in 2013. However, Rodgers revealed that Liverpool and Tottenham are different in terms of conducting their business.
The manager said: "It's a different club and different vision we have here. At Liverpool there's a strategy behind what we are doing. We talked a lot with our recruitment team last season, knowing that through the summer we needed to improve the depth of our squad.
He added: "Clearly we were not strong enough last season in terms of numbers and quality. We always planned to bring in a number of players, hoping we were going to be in the Champions League, so it would give us the opportunity to challenge on all fronts. As highlighted by Agen Bola